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Escape to Paradise: Discover Long Island’s Best Campgrounds and Beachfront Getaways


Camping in Long Island: Discover the Best Campgrounds and

Beachfront ParadiseLong Island, with its picturesque landscapes and pristine coastline, offers an ideal destination for camping enthusiasts. From the tranquil forests to the stunning beachfront sites, this article will guide you through the best campgrounds and give you a taste of the unique camping experiences available in Long Island.

So, pack your gear and prepare for an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

Camping in Long Island

Camping in Long Island

– Delight in the tranquility of Long Island’s lush forests and serene campsites. – Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the company of family and friends.

– Unplug from the fast-paced world and reconnect with nature’s wonders.

Best Campgrounds in Long Island

– Heed our recommendations for the top campgrounds in Long Island. – Heckscher State Park

– Wildwood State Park

– Cedar Point County Park

– Discover the unique features of each campground, including amenities and activities.

– Plan your camping trip wisely and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Camping in Long Island

Hither Hills State Park Campground

– Experience the ultimate camping adventure by the beach at Hither Hills State Park. – Enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.

– Engage in thrilling activities like swimming, fishing, and beach volleyball.

Beachfront Paradise

– Explore other beachfront camping options in Long Island. – Smith Point County Park

– Montauk Point State Park

– Bask in the golden sun and the gentle ocean breeze while surrounded by stunning dunes and picturesque shorelines.

– Engage in water sports, such as surfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking, for an exhilarating ocean adventure. Now that we have introduced you to the wonders of camping in Long Island, let’s dive deeper into the diverse options available.

Whether you are a nature lover or a beach enthusiast, Long Island has something to offer for every adventurer seeking an escape from routine.

Camping in Long Island

Long Island boasts a wide array of charming campgrounds nestled amidst its beautiful scenery. These campgrounds offer a tranquil retreat in nature, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate.

The picturesque landscapes, lush forests, and serene ambiance of Long Island’s camping grounds provide the perfect setting for a memorable outdoor experience.

Best Campgrounds in Long Island

When it comes to choosing the best campgrounds in Long Island, three names stand out: Heckscher State Park, Wildwood State Park, and Cedar Point County Park. Heckscher State Park, situated on the southern shore of Long Island, offers a variety of camping options amidst acres of woodlands.

Its scenic trails, picnic areas, and recreational activities make it an excellent choice for families and nature enthusiasts. At Wildwood State Park, located on the North Shore, campers can enjoy their stay amidst the park’s verdant woodlands and along the shores of Long Island Sound.

The park offers a range of amenities, including picnic areas, fishing, and playgrounds, ensuring a fantastic camping experience for all. Cedar Point County Park, located on the eastern tip of Long Island, is renowned for its breathtaking views of the Peconic Bay.

This park offers a secluded and peaceful camping experience, with facilities such as hiking trails, fishing areas, and a sandy beach.


Camping in Long Island

Hither Hills State Park Campground

For an unparalleled beachfront camping experience, Hither Hills State Park Campground is the place to be. The park stretches along five miles of sandy beach, providing campers with exceptional seaside vistas.

Wake up to awe-inspiring sunrises and end the day watching vibrant sunsets over the horizon. At Hither Hills, you’ll find a range of activities to keep you entertained, from swimming and surfing to fishing and picnicking.

Gather around a crackling bonfire with your loved ones and create lasting memories while enjoying the serenity of beachfront camping.

Beachfront Paradise

If you desire more beachfront options, Long Island provides additional beachfront paradises for your camping adventure. Smith Point County Park, located on the South Shore, offers camping within close proximity to the beach.

Here, you can relax under the shade of picturesque dunes, frolic in the Atlantic Ocean, or go bird-watching along the shore. Montauk Point State Park, located at the very eastern end of Long Island, captivates beach-loving campers with its stunning coastal setting.

From the campground, marvel at the iconic Montauk Lighthouse and engage in thrilling water sports such as paddleboarding or kayaking. In conclusion, Long Island serves as an idyllic destination for both nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike.

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the island’s forests or bask in the sun at the beach, camping in Long Island offers a diverse range of experiences. With its top-notch campgrounds and mesmerizing beachfront options, Long Island guarantees an unforgettable adventure in the lap of nature.

So, pack your camping gear, embrace the wonders of Long Island, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wildwood State Park

Wildwood State Park

Nestled on the scenic North Shore of Long Island, Wildwood State Park offers a tranquil escape for camping enthusiasts seeking a serene natural setting. This picturesque park covers over 600 acres of rolling woodlands, and its breathtaking views of Long Island Sound make it a popular camping destination among nature lovers.

The campground at Wildwood State Park is well-known for its spacious and shaded campsites, providing a peaceful retreat amidst lush trees and foliage. Whether you’re seeking solitude or creating lasting memories with loved ones, this park has something for everyone.

With over 400 campsites available, from tent sites to RV spots, you’ll find the perfect spot to pitch your tent or park your camper. Shaded

Camping in Long Island

If you yearn for cool shade and a respite from the summer heat, Long Island offers numerous campgrounds that cater to your desire for a shaded camping experience.

In addition to Wildwood State Park, Robert Moses State Park and Cupsogue Beach County Park are popular choices. Robert Moses State Park, situated on the western end of Fire Island, not only boasts beautiful ocean beaches but also provides shaded camping options.

With its tall trees and ample shade, this park offers pockets of tranquility that are perfect for those seeking relief from the sun. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the park’s nature trails or take a refreshing dip in the ocean waves.

Cupsogue Beach County Park, located on the South Shore of Long Island, is renowned for its wide sandy beaches and fantastic sunset views. The park’s campground is nestled behind dunes and offers shaded sites that provide a comfortable escape from the sun’s rays.

Spend your days lounging on the beach or exploring the nearby wildlife sanctuary, and retreat to the shade of your campsite during the hottest hours of the day.

Unique Camping Experiences in Long Island

Eastern Long Island Kampground

For a unique camping experience with a touch of nostalgia, Eastern Long Island Kampground is where you want to be. Conveniently located in Greenport, this family-friendly campground offers a range of accommodation options, from traditional tent sites to modern cabins.

At Eastern Long Island Kampground, immerse yourself in a charming, rustic atmosphere reminiscent of traditional camping adventures. Roast marshmallows over a crackling fire, share stories with fellow campers, and create memories that evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection with nature.

Unique Camping Experiences in Long Island

Long Island isn’t just about forests and beaches. It also offers unique camping experiences that go beyond the traditional tents and RVs. Discover glamping options at Cedar Point County Park or experience the thrill of yurt camping at Camp Hero State Park.

Cedar Point County Park, known for its stunning views of Peconic Bay, offers glamping opportunities like no other. Indulge in the luxury of rustic cabins equipped with comfortable beds, kitchens, and private bathrooms.

Wake up to picturesque sunrises and sip coffee on your cabin’s deck, immersing yourself in nature while enjoying modern amenities. Camp Hero State Park, located in Montauk, provides a truly unforgettable camping experience in its unique yurts.

These circular, tent-like structures offer a comfortable and cozy shelter, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing modern comforts. Nestled amidst the park’s diverse terrain, these yurts provide an extraordinary retreat for those seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation.

In conclusion, Long Island goes above and beyond when it comes to camping experiences. With its diverse range of campgrounds, from shaded sites to beachfront paradises, Long Island caters to every camper’s desires.

Whether you prefer the tranquility of Wildwood State Park or the unique offerings of Eastern Long Island Kampground, there is something for everyone. Embark on an adventure, connect with nature, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Long Island camping has it all, so pack your gear and get ready to make unforgettable experiences in this beautiful island sanctuary.

Heckscher State Park Campground

Heckscher State Park Campground

Located on the southern shore of Long Island, Heckscher State Park offers a delightful camping experience amidst its scenic woodlands and pristine beaches. The campground at Heckscher State Park provides a serene retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

With over 1,600 acres of beautiful forested land, Heckscher State Park offers a unique camping experience surrounded by nature’s wonders. The campground features spacious and well-maintained campsites, allowing campers to set up their tents or park their RVs comfortably.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of towering trees, and wake up to the melody of birdsong as you enjoy a peaceful morning amidst the serenity of the park. Spacious

Camping in Long Island

While Long Island is known for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking coastline, it also offers campgrounds that allow campers to enjoy ample space during their outdoor getaway.

Alongside Heckscher State Park, Battle Row Campground and Cathedral Pines County Park provide a spacious camping experience. Battle Row Campground, located in the heart of Nassau County, offers a unique camping experience with spacious campsites tucked away amidst the park’s woodlands.

This campground provides a calm respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing you to relax and unwind in nature’s embrace. Enjoy picnic areas, hiking trails, and the chance to witness stunning sunsets right from your campsite.

Cathedral Pines County Park, situated in Suffolk County, offers an expansive and peaceful camping experience. The campground is surrounded by towering pines, providing a tranquil ambiance for campers seeking solitude in nature.

Cathedral Pines County Park boasts well-spaced campsites, allowing for privacy and ample room to enjoy outdoor activities or gather with friends and family around a campfire. Affordable

Camping in Long Island

Peconic River Campground

For campers looking for an affordable and scenic camping experience, Peconic River Campground in Calverton is a perfect choice.

This family-friendly campground provides a budget-friendly option while still offering an array of amenities and recreational activities. Set along the picturesque Peconic River, this campground offers campsites for tents, RVs, and even cabins for those seeking a more comfortable camping experience.

Enjoy a day of fishing on the river or explore the nearby hiking trails. With its affordable rates and convenient location, Peconic River Campground presents an excellent opportunity to experience the beauty of Long Island without breaking the bank.


Camping in Long Island

While Long Island is often associated with luxury and high costs, there are campgrounds that provide affordable options for budget-conscious campers. Southaven County Park and Indian Island County Park offer affordable camping experiences without compromising on scenery or amenities.

Southaven County Park, located in Brookhaven, offers affordable camping options amidst its stunning natural surroundings. The campground provides a range of affordable sites for tents and RVs, allowing families and friends to enjoy the outdoors without straining their wallets.

Engage in a variety of activities, including hiking, boating, and fishing, as you make the most of your affordable camping adventure. Indian Island County Park, situated in Riverhead, provides a budget-friendly camping experience combined with breathtaking waterfront views.

The campground offers affordable rates for tent sites and RV sites, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of nature while remaining within your budget. Take advantage of the park’s amenities, such as picnic areas and a sandy beach, for a memorable and affordable Long Island camping experience.

In conclusion, Long Island offers a range of camping options that cater to every budget. Whether you choose the affordable serenity of Peconic River Campground or the spaciousness of Heckscher State Park Campground, you can enjoy the beauty of Long Island’s natural landscapes without breaking the bank.

Embark on an affordable camping adventure, reconnect with nature, and create lasting memories in Long Island’s budget-friendly campgrounds.

Indian Island County Park

Indian Island County Park

Situated in the heart of the North Fork, Indian Island County Park is a hidden gem for camping enthusiasts seeking a tranquil getaway amidst breathtaking waterfront views. This picturesque campground offers a serene retreat where campers can enjoy the beauty of Long Island’s landscapes while surrounded by the peaceful waters of the Peconic River.

Indian Island County Park provides well-maintained tent sites and RV sites, allowing visitors to choose their preferred camping style. The spacious sites offer privacy and comfort, ensuring a peaceful stay for all.

Wake up to stunning sunrises over the river, take a leisurely stroll along the shore, or indulge in water activities such as kayaking or fishing. Indian Island County Park is a haven for nature lovers seeking a camping experience with a touch of waterfront charm.

Camping with Ocean View in Long Island

While Long Island boasts beautiful waterfronts, specific campgrounds offer the unique opportunity to camp with ocean views. Montauk County Park and Shinnecock East County Park provide campers with the chance to revel in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean from their campsites.

Montauk County Park, located at the easternmost point of Long Island, offers breathtaking ocean views from its campground. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves, breathe in the fresh ocean air, and witness mesmerizing sunsets over the horizon.

With its proximity to pristine beaches, lighthouses, and hiking trails, Montauk County Park is a dream come true for those seeking a camping experience immersed in the beauty of the ocean. Shinnecock East County Park, situated on the South Shore, provides campers with a unique coastal camping experience.

Set up your tent or park your RV just steps away from the sandy shores of Shinnecock Bay. Enjoy panoramic views of the ocean as you relax in the tranquil ambiance of the park.

Spend your days swimming, kayaking, or simply sunbathing on the beach, and let the ocean breeze lull you to sleep at night. Dog-Friendly

Camping in Long Island

Nickerson Beach Campground

For campers looking to bring their furry friends along on their outdoor adventure, Nickerson Beach Campground is the ideal dog-friendly campground.

Located in Lido Beach, this campground provides dog-friendly sites and allows campers to enjoy the company of their beloved pets during their stay. Nickerson Beach Campground offers designated dog-friendly areas where pets can roam freely and enjoy the beach.

Walk along the shoreline with your furry companion, play fetch in the surf, or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while watching the waves crash against the sand. With its dog-friendly amenities and beautiful scenery, Nickerson Beach Campground is a paradise for both campers and their four-legged friends.


Camping in Long Island

Aside from Nickerson Beach Campground, there are other dog-friendly camping options in Long Island. East Marion Campground and Cedar Beach offer additional opportunities for memorable camping experiences with your furry companions.

East Marion Campground, located on the North Fork, welcomes dogs to join their owners on their camping adventure. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere amidst nature’s beauty, explore nearby nature trails, and revel in the joy of sharing the great outdoors with your furry best friend.

Cedar Beach, situated on the South Shore, provides dog-friendly camping opportunities along with stunning beach views. Enjoy miles of shoreline where your canine companion can frolic in the sand and surf.

Experience the joy of exploring the beach together and creating cherished memories in this beautiful coastal setting. In conclusion, Long Island offers an array of camping options that welcome dogs, allowing you to create unforgettable memories with your furry companions.

Whether you choose Nickerson Beach Campground, East Marion Campground, or Cedar Beach, you and your loyal companion can explore the beauty of Long Island’s landscapes and enjoy the companionship of fellow pet-loving campers. Share the joys of the great outdoors with your four-legged friend in these dog-friendly campgrounds, where the bond between you and your pet is celebrated and cherished.

Sears Bellows County Park

Sears Bellows County Park

Nestled in the heart of Hampton Bays, Sears Bellows County Park offers a serene and secluded camping experience surrounded by nature’s beauty. This picturesque campground is perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway with ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

Sears Bellows County Park features spacious, well-maintained campsites for both tents and RVs, providing a comfortable setting for campers. The park’s wooded surroundings create a tranquil ambiance, allowing visitors to relax and unwind in nature’s embrace.

Explore the park’s extensive trail system, go fishing in the nearby ponds, or enjoy a picnic amidst the park’s lush landscapes. Sears Bellows County Park is a true hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a calm retreat in the heart of Long Island.

Camping for Boat Enthusiasts in Long Island

Long Island is a haven for boat enthusiasts, and certain campgrounds cater to those who wish to bring their boats along on their camping adventures. Sears Bellows County Park and Cupsogue Beach County Park offer camping opportunities that are perfect for boat owners.

Sears Bellows County Park provides boat enthusiasts with the chance to camp while having easy access to boating activities. The park features a boat launch area, allowing campers to conveniently launch their boats and explore the nearby waterways.

Spend your days fishing, water skiing, or simply cruising along the scenic water bodies surrounding the park. Sears Bellows County Park is the ideal destination for those who want to combine their love for camping with their passion for boating.

Cupsogue Beach County Park, situated on the South Shore of Long Island, offers camping and convenient access to the Atlantic Ocean. With its boat launch facilities, campers can bring their boats and explore the vast expanse of the ocean.

Whether you enjoy offshore fishing or leisurely boating, Cupsogue Beach County Park provides the perfect opportunity to set sail from your campsite and embrace the maritime wonders of Long Island.

Smith Point County Park

Smith Point County Park

Smith Point County Park, located on the eastern end of Fire Island, is a renowned destination for beach lovers and camping enthusiasts alike. This beautiful oceanfront park offers a unique camping experience with stunning views and a wide range of recreational activities.

The campground at Smith Point County Park features both tent and RV sites, allowing campers to enjoy a beachfront camping experience. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves and bask in the glow of golden sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean.

Spend your days lounging on the sandy shores, swimming in the ocean, or exploring the nature trails that wind through the park’s scenic landscapes. With its proximity to the beach and a variety of amenities, Smith Point County Park is the epitome of oceanfront camping in Fire Island.

Oceanfront Camping in Fire Island

Fire Island, with its pristine beaches and captivating ocean views, offers a range of oceanfront camping experiences. Smith Point County Park is not the only option for oceanfront camping on this beautiful barrier island.

Watch Hill, located within the Fire Island National Seashore, presents another unique camping opportunity. Watch Hill, accessible by ferry from Patchogue, provides a stunning oceanfront campground surrounded by dunes and seashore vistas.

Set up your tent and enjoy the beauty of miles of sandy beaches just steps away from your campsite. Engage in activities such as surfing, bird-watching, or simply strolling along the shore.

Watch Hill offers a tranquil escape from reality for campers seeking an oceanfront experience on Fire Island. In conclusion, Long Island offers a variety of camping options that cater to different interests and preferences.

Whether you choose to camp at Sears Bellows County Park for a serene retreat or set up camp at Smith Point County Park for an unforgettable oceanfront experience, Long Island’s campgrounds provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures. Enjoy the natural beauty, engage in recreational activities, and create lasting memories in the diverse and captivating campgrounds of Long Island.

Long Island Camping FAQs

Long Island Camping FAQs

As a popular destination for camping enthusiasts, Long Island often raises questions about its camping options, amenities, and regulations. Below, we address some frequently asked questions to help you make the most of your camping experience on this beautiful island.

Q1: What are the best times of the year to go camping in Long Island? A1: The camping season in Long Island typically runs from early spring to late fall.

The months of May through September offer pleasant weather for outdoor activities, including camping. However, it’s essential to check the specific opening and closing dates of campgrounds, as they may vary depending on the location and park regulations.

Q2: Are reservations required for camping in Long Island? A2: Yes, reservations are generally required for camping in Long Island.

It is recommended to book your campsite in advance, especially during peak season, as popular campgrounds can fill up quickly. Visit the official websites of the campgrounds or the local parks department for details on reservation procedures.

Q3: Are campfires allowed in Long Island campgrounds? A3: Campfires are typically permitted in designated fire rings or fire pits at Long Island campgrounds.

However, it’s crucial to follow any fire regulations and restrictions in place. Always check with the campground management regarding current fire regulations, as they may vary depending on weather conditions or local laws.

Q4: Can I bring my pet with me when camping in Long Island? A4: Some Long Island campgrounds are pet-friendly, allowing RV or tent camping with your furry companions.

Certain campgrounds may have specific rules regarding pets, such as leash requirements and designated pet-friendly areas. It is important to check the campground’s pet policy before bringing your pet and always clean up after them to ensure a pleasant camping experience for all.

Q5: What amenities can I expect at Long Island campgrounds? A5: Long Island campgrounds offer a range of amenities to enhance your camping experience.

Common amenities include picnic areas, restroom and shower facilities, potable water access, hiking trails, playgrounds, and designated swimming areas. However, the specific amenities available may vary from one campground to another, so it is advisable to research the amenities offered at your chosen campground.

Camping Regulations and Options in Long Island

Camping regulations in Long Island aim to protect the natural beauty and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all campers. Here are some key regulations and options to be aware of when camping in Long Island:


Camping Length: Most Long Island campgrounds have limits on the length of stay for campers. This could range from a few consecutive nights to a maximum stay of two weeks.

Check with the campground regarding their specific length of stay regulations. 2.

Quiet Hours: Campgrounds often enforce quiet hours to ensure a peaceful environment for all campers. It is important to abide by these designated quiet hours and respect fellow campers’ need for rest and relaxation.

3. Leave No Trace: Long Island promotes the principles of Leave No Trace ethics.

This means campers are expected to clean up after themselves, dispose of trash properly, and leave the campsite in the same condition as they found it. 4.

Electric and Water Hookups: Some Long Island campgrounds offer electric and water hookups for RVs, providing convenience and comfort during your camping trip. It is advisable to check the availability and specific requirements of these hookups when making reservations.

5. Group Camping: Many Long Island campgrounds offer group camping options for larger gatherings.

These areas often feature multiple campsites, common areas, and group amenities such as picnic pavilions or fire rings. Group camping is an excellent option for family reunions, scout troops, or other organized outings.

6. Overnight Boating: Long Island’s coastal campgrounds, such as Cupsogue Beach County Park and Smith Point County Park, often permit overnight boating.

This allows campers to anchor their boats and spend the night onboard while enjoying the beachfront camping experience. Check with the campground for specific regulations regarding overnight boating.

Remember to always check the individual campground regulations and guidelines as they may vary. Familiarize yourself with the specific rules and options available at your chosen campground to ensure a pleasant and compliant camping experience in Long Island.

In conclusion, Long Island offers a range of camping options to suit various interests, from pet-friendly campgrounds to oceanfront sites. Understanding the regulations and options available will help you plan and enjoy your camping trip to the fullest.

By following the guidelines, making reservations in advance, and respecting the natural environment, you can create lasting memories while exploring the beauty of Long Island’s campgrounds.

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